Monday, August 25, 2008

"Colombo-the city we live"

earn a life.PEOPLE

Suggestions to improve City of Colombo, forward your own experience.

"People may argue that the city is not human friendly since it caters the intense functions and the commercial activities only. Click your camera or your mind on incidents and about the places and put your own thoughts to it."

Because we believe anything would be possible if we are really in to it.


Anonymous said...

hey city is highly poluted.
what can we do to this, a traffic plan would work in this regards.

Anonymous said...

This would be an interesting thing to if people are aware of it.

But i really have to think before commenting.

I dont see the possibility of making this popular.

Any suggessions?

MeeMee! said...

i agree, pollution is really a problem. good public transport would solve a bunch of issues i think. and some waste-management...

curitiba, brazil is a great example where that actually worked. google it and read any given article about the story of success!
by the way, initiated by a mayor who is an architect ;o)

Anonymous said...

meemee! thanks for your comments. i hope it is always good to go for case studies.

everyone said...

hi meemee! great to hear from you..

everyone said...

illegalarchitect said...

Cities are living organisms. Colombo is no exception. Air pollution, noise pollution, temperature, fog, over development, over population and the list is long. Find architects, developers who are serious about the environment over financial profit and that’ll be a good start. The new cities that are making a name for themselves are taking this difficult but correct path. Appreciating green values are for everyone’s benefit. Who will pay for that is the million dollar question.
For a start, why don’t some of us start walking to work/school or may be cycle to work/school?
Why don’t we try to use the trees more efficiently for cooling and shading instead of building concrete structures?
Why don’t the schools start environmental awareness projects that will get the students thinking on these lines?
Why don’t we tax the ‘high polluters’ (factories, larger households, commercial establishments, air conditioned buildings…) – an ‘Environmental Tax’ that can support Green Projects to keep the city - ‘Green, Clean and Beautiful’.
What about giving ‘Carbon Incentives’ to households that use ‘less energy’ over the others who just ‘waste’?
How about tax incentives for energy efficient building material and construction methods?
How about developing Building Regulations on these lines?