Monday, August 25, 2008

"Colombo-the city we live"

earn a life.PEOPLE

Suggestions to improve City of Colombo, forward your own experience.

"People may argue that the city is not human friendly since it caters the intense functions and the commercial activities only. Click your camera or your mind on incidents and about the places and put your own thoughts to it."

Because we believe anything would be possible if we are really in to it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Your Ideas Are Highly Appreciated"_8 comments

earn a life.ACTIVE ! 

We found a donor and willing to implement a remarkable project for Tsunami affected people to enhance their physical and moral values.

Today we have to realize though their habitation is fulfilled, they are not totally recovered. So we thought of rethinking of such a communities as they are our own Brothers and Sisters.

As professionals we would like to make this an opportunity to welcome everyone to participate in this endeavor with their ideas. We would appreciate your ideas and give you the credit of it and develop the successful proposals to reach the possible implementations.

Projects Suggested:
(You can also come up with your own suggestions, justifications)
^Solar Power for remote tsunami affected people
^Multi functioning Beach Park to provide employment options for the community
^Library targeting children
^Rainwater harvesting home program and cultivations
50 million LKR Approx.

(You can come up with suggestions, justifications)
Any tsunami affected area