Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Your Ideas Are Highly Appreciated"_8 comments

earn a life.ACTIVE ! 

We found a donor and willing to implement a remarkable project for Tsunami affected people to enhance their physical and moral values.

Today we have to realize though their habitation is fulfilled, they are not totally recovered. So we thought of rethinking of such a communities as they are our own Brothers and Sisters.

As professionals we would like to make this an opportunity to welcome everyone to participate in this endeavor with their ideas. We would appreciate your ideas and give you the credit of it and develop the successful proposals to reach the possible implementations.

Projects Suggested:
(You can also come up with your own suggestions, justifications)
^Solar Power for remote tsunami affected people
^Multi functioning Beach Park to provide employment options for the community
^Library targeting children
^Rainwater harvesting home program and cultivations
50 million LKR Approx.

(You can come up with suggestions, justifications)
Any tsunami affected area


Rine said...

With a large amount of money available, I would probably suggest focussing on education or employment. Education would be key with many schools being destroyed due to the tsunami and perhaps with the reduced employment, children been taken away from schools and thrown into employment within the tsunami relief camps.

Anonymous said...

Architects and the Tsunami aftermath.
Professionals of sri lanka got together to lend a helping hand after the tsunami devastation.
Doctors provided free medical services. Civil engineers provided their services in getting the roads cleared. you would probably imagine the Architects stepping up and drawing some free homes for the displaced. but alas, this breed of monstrous inhumanities, took the opportunity to fill up there pockets. the NGO's who were donating were ransacked and demands were made for more money. Architects are a inhuman breed. they were only interested in competitions in order to get there share of the cash. i sincerely hope that this is not going to be a similar thing. then better to let the people just be.

everyone said...

I thought of putting my idea, since the architects role is highly critised here. May be the responder is right, but there are so many other things that he or she doesn't know about what an architect can do.

i am sure as you said things have happened.

But this is not an individual aprroach but an collective thing with a god intension.

Further being positive is always good and makes humans go forward. I would kindly request you to put your own great ideas/ critisisms to make this a success, Since a solutin what we need not a probem to stop the work.

So please remember that all critisism would be really appreciated if it is attached with a solution.


Anonymous said...

I do not need to be reminded of the architects role, since I am an Architect myself. and I know what the architects did and still prevail to do. I'm sure you are aware of this too.

Anonymous said...
This is what Architects should be doing.

everyone said...

yes i really agree with what architects should do. But in some cases doctor is independent and his decision would not come through some other collaboration.

As you are also an archtect i would suggest with students it would be possible to do work for free. But if you are an architect and your firm has to take care of some tsunami work. how would you do, yur electricity, employees to be paid cos they are depending n you. i dont see a problem of charging a reasonable fee in that case.

But as you said if any one took this chance to fill up their pockets it is really inhuman.
Anyway i would like if you have any suggessions for the project since we would like, and if donor agrees, to make use of the best option.


Anonymous said...

Be realistic. I think you have seen the projects already done for the tsunami. I for one, am quite aware how much was spent for each project by Architects. I don't know if you've been involved with any of the projects, but I have. and the amount spent could have been readily afforded by the architects as a vote of gratitude if not for the profession at least for their own country.
just a piece of friendly advice my friend, don't talk about things that you are completely unaware of.

everyone said...

first i must thank you for your friendly advice my friend.

but we came across a solution which is more imprtant than arguing on matters, rearding earnalife.ACTIVE

the donor found a free land(donated by a Sri Lankan) to impliment the project and for the moment it is an "ELDERS' HOME with MEDITATION FACILITIES"

i hope to find solutions which is better than putting our hand in to a CAN OF WORMS, to find a non worm,-though we know we will not interested in them.


MeeMee! said...

regarding 'anonymous' statements.
i cannot comment on architects filling their pockets at the cost of tsunami victims.
i am involved in reconstruction with an international ngo and according to my experience the biggest problem lets say untransparent procedures. on government/administration level when you need permits, certificates etc. also very poor support and cooperation from the side of contractors and consultants.

actually i think there is a real need for more involvement of architects and planners. because i see a lot of poor design and a great lack of coordination and strategic approach in the reconstruction efforts.
i would be happy to fill an architects pockets if he was doing good work in that respect!

anyway, now there seems to be a chance here to get involved, contribute to a projects and make peace with the bad image of architects that you have. why don't you go for it :)