Tuesday, July 7, 2009


people should be more closer to the environment. though we have done many mistakes in the past it is really required to return the energy that we have consumed or preserve them at this moment of time than letting it flow in to the environment.

as a developing nation we are really love to get the best and this would create a vital increase in the energy consumption. Today literally every nation in an financial crisis and seeking for quality solutions to enhance their environment too.

though our attitudes draw us back it is really important to see the real ground issues than living in a fantasy world.

lets practice...


Anonymous said...

so what do u propose?

everyone said...

creation of architecture by recycling the materials, reuse and redefine.

Anonymous said...

you dont have to say it since its already being done. What do you propose to do in the Sri Lankan context?

everyone said...

there are so many..
we can adopt the same which is mentioned here..
otherwise in design wise you can create spaces which is less energy consuming and that has to be started from the concept itself. further the function of the building also to be with green thoughts and recycling to be promoted in materials we use today while reusing what has been done before.
another thing is that we can have grey water harvesting, which we are rarely doing. there are many more things would give inspirations and examples if anybody need them...
hope explanation is the answer tot he question.