Thursday, July 24, 2008

Project-Bamboo Cafe Monaragala-Published in SLIA Magazine 2008 July Volume

PRK Jayasene/Sampath Jayasekere
M.Sc. Year 11
Faculty of Architecture
University of Moratuwa
Sri Lanka
Project time duration 1 month
Dining area for 20 people at any given time
Space for the displaying food
Cooking facilities
Outside verandah with sitting area
Washing area

The structure and more appliances and elements in the design are made out of bamboo in various shapes and lengths. Lamp shades stools worktops and even door panels are such.Careful detailing is improved to use bamboo in various compositions with special thought given to fix details and methods.
This is done while not compromising on the distinct of the quality of bamboo and its surface textures. Hence every attempt is made to expose bamboo in its pure, natural form.The structure exudes openness around the spaces; expect for a few cubicles for the service areas such as toilet and kitchen.

Those areas too are designed with air gaps on the top to facilitate unobstructed air flow. Monaragala has an arid hot climate and ample air movement through space is most welcome.The entire structure is raised above ground. These allows for minimum intervention on ground water floor and other vegetation and in addition, keeps away the creepy crawlies abundant in the area, from entering the cafe's interior.

The roof, also made of bamboo has a slight slope to allow rainwater to drain off effectively.The service areas are the only areas lined with cement and they are built to prevent prolonged moisture from coming in to direct contact with bamboo.


a beautiful mind said...

this is a nice architectureal design .. but better improve the Sructure.. great work

Anonymous said...

Nice design. isnt it good to give credit for all tutors and engineers who helped with this

Anonymous said...

I can see that your really into this sustainable thing. as architects i believe that what we should do is to use these principles in our practice.for example to consider on the embodied energy aspect rather than reusing stuff. I'm not saying we should completely ignore that, but we should also think about it from the clients side since he is economic benefactor of a project as to how this can provide a practical solution. in the end of the line what we should be asking our selves is that "what client would like to live in a house made of plastic bottles?" the bamboo restaurant seems a nice idea but is it really practical in the real world? would any rational minded client finance it? so concluding isn't it safe to say that we as human beings should minimize wastage promoting a sustainable lifestyle, and we as architects should remain in the practical and logical side of construction without bargaining in the neo-uthopian "go green" attitutde?

Anonymous said... are right.. isnt it good to see whether we can make this in the real world and do research on possibilities of making this happen. beauty is not just to see we have to make it real and life within it. lets try to make impossibilities possible thats why we are here..

Anonymous said...

don't bamboos wear out?

everyone said...

yes they will by the time we ll find a solution to that..

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